Dance Art and Creation

Oct 03, 2020

If you have tried Sleek Ballet Fitness, you will know that it is a dance-filled, artistic, alternative fitness method, very different to a regular gym workout! Creating beautiful workouts is our thing but today I wanted to shine the light on the creator of something very different that will make you look and feel equally fabulous!

Feathers & Thread is an eclectic, artistic and playful brand founded by the wonderful and imaginative Anna Parry. Ever modest, she would say she creates beautiful, bespoke headdresses and accessories. I would say she creates pieces of wearable art!

As pro dancers, Flik and I have been fortunate enough to wear some of the most amazing costumes and accessories (including some of Anna’s creations.) As fellow women in business, we have had the pleasure of watching her company grow and Feathers & Thread is now fast becoming the go-to for statement costumes, festival wear and alternative bridal accessories. Combining eye-catching designs with wearability they are all made with love and passion just like our Sleek workouts.

So many of you come to us with a body goal or a big day that you are working towards looking and feeling your best. We love helping you achieve the distinctive shape, strength and dancer-like posture you are after. Sleekers, if you have a love for all things beautiful, distinctive and 'feelgood', check out Feather’s & Thread o Etsy. We are in love!!!!

Victoria and Flik x

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