Diet and Lifestyle with Sleek Ballet Fitness founders, Flik and Victoria

diet fitness healthy eating press Jun 25, 2022
Keep it real -Hodder & Stoughton 2016 - photographs © kristin perers

We love knowing all about our Sleek Ballet Fitness community and hearing about how your ballet training is going with us. Whether you choose our barre classes over our ballet bootcamp workouts or are just starting out with our ballet exercises for beginners, we are always excited to hear about the incredible ballet fitness benefits you are getting from your Sleek Technique videos. It's wonderful to hear how those who are embarking on a Sleek journey are experiencing less back pain, increasing their flexibility, gaining muscle strength and tone and feeling more energised in everyday life. We all have different body goals in life and learning ballet from home is one way of reaching them.

And it doesn't just go one way! We also know you love to hear about us too. We have an amazing, active, adult ballet community on our Facebook page and private Facebook group which Victoria and I engage with regularly but from time to time, we also chat with health and fitness experts who are interested in how to get a dancer body or who want to find out once and for all the answer to questions like... 'What is ballet fitness?' and 'Can anyone do ballet?' Sometimes they want to know more about our story too - How did Victoria and I create the best online ballet workouts while maintaining a lifelong friendship, running the business side of Sleek Ballet Fitness and juggling 4 young children between us? It's a good question and one which we try to answer as thoroughly as possible in an interview below!

So if you want to know more about us and our daily lives as professional dance fitness trainers, Vogue journalist, health & wellbeing writer/guru and author of Keep It Real Calgary Avansino asks myself, Flik Swan and my partner in Sleek Victoria Marr, questions on our lifestyles in her online, health and wellbeing column. Both Victoria and I regularly dip into Calgary's recipe book which promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle for all, especially focusing on women with families. Her ethos is about being kind to yourself, replacing good habits with the not so good ones and making practical, sustainable changes to achieve a positive relationship with food. For those of you who want to know what benefits you get from ballet fitness workouts, well the answer is many! But even more if you pair your Sleek ballet training with great nutrition and self-care, as Calgary prescribes.

We hope you enjoy reading about how Victoria and I look after our own nutrition, our favourite snacks and treats, how we power up our diets to maintain a healthy, strong, dancer body and our own inspirational role models in life. We certainly enjoyed talking about it with Calgary and we hope it gives you an insight and maybe some inspiration into finding a great balance as well.

So please do head on over and read both interviews with me and also Victoria on Calgary's Eat. Feel. Live. Well page here:

Happy reading and happy Sleeking!

Flik x

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