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Our Sleek Ballet Fitness App is still receiving 5-star reviews. You can now access Sleek ballet fitness workouts and programs from your desktop, your phone (on or offline) your tablet and your TV whenever you want! It is wonderful to see our global community expanding.

Of course, long before the launch of the Sleek Ballet Fitness App, Sleek Technique started as an online ballet-based fitness programme structured around online live classes. In fact, were one of the very first online dance and fitness providers to offer two-way interactive sessions, 10 years ago!

Nothing beats teaching our vibrant community live and in the moment! Each week, we offer a range of classes suitable for all levels. These include our trademark Sleek Technique Ballet Bootcamp, body part specific classes such as Ballerina Back and Arms (known as BBA in the sleek community!), and of course traditional barre work and Full Ballerina Body workouts, including a longer class on Saturday mornings. Everyone can benefit from a free trial (email us for your complimentary class link on [email protected]) we love welcoming new members!

So, what are the benefits for you when joining a live class? Evidence shows that joining live creates a sense of community, it is good for your motivation, and also stimulates your brain and thinking. A win-win! Let us explain the science behind this!

One of the beautiful features about exercising together is that it creates a sense of community and belonging. Our members often log on slightly early to have a little extra chat with each other, exchange exercise tips or to simply say a friendly hello. Our instructors will vouch that the energy created in a full Sleek live class is quite phenomenal! Your passion for dance and movement becomes very real (we can almost feel the sweat on your forehead!) and your energy inspires us in return. There is good evidence that living and working with others helps us to feel fulfilled, so you are doing something positive for your physical and mental wellbeing.

During Sleek live classes, all our instructors help you to set goals, whether you are aware of this or not! All Sleek classes are designed in a progressive way, where we build up your muscular awareness and your strength right from the first movement in warm-up. To give you an example, in the Saturday classes we work towards a longer movement combination. Having a challenge to work towards is good for our motivation and raises our game!

Learning something new, ideally on a daily basis, is one of the key principles of positive psychology. Why not live classes, both as instructors and as students, that you have this wonderful feeling of being in the moment and just dancing. This is called Flow.

Come and join us in a live class, experience our wonderful sense of Sleek Community, work on challenging and rewarding goals and see fantastic body shaping results. All you need is your laptop, iPad or smartphone and a small space to move. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Almuth McDowall – Sleek Trainer & Professor of Psychology

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