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Working together with the Sleek team on the ‘Living in Full Flow: 21-day Mind Body Nutrition Plan we’ve created a rich and energising programme which mindfully and elegantly supports each chakra through both movement, nutrition and daily mind-body reflections. The beautiful optimised ebook is full of colourful, nutrition-dense, recipes to stimulate the function and flow of energy through each of the bodies 7 natural energy centres. It comes a daily email series to guide and inspire you and when paired with the Sleek Chakra Workouts (included in Sleek Ballet Fitness subscription) the results become even more far-reaching. 

Sleek fans who are also into yoga may already have an appreciation of the significance of the chakras in mind-body wellbeing, but did you know that you could harness this phenomenon to the benefit of all aspects of your life, health and wellbeing and as we’re showing the way in Living in Full Flow, bring it into your food choices and fitness and movement too?

First recognised in ancient Vedic texts, the chakras are a hidden energetic system, and the subtle energy that flows through our seven major energy centers connects mind, body and spirit, influencing all aspects of our being.

As a nutritional therapist and wellbeing coaching, I loved the idea of tapping into this powerful concept and framework as a means to help holistically support the clients that come to me to raise their energy levels, improve their relationship with food and their bodies, or have gut issues.

That’s why I trained in Food & Spirit™, a personalised health and healing system, combining the latest in science-based functional medicine with a grounding in the chakras. Engaging every aspect of a person’s wellbeing, this approach has enabled me to better contextualise my client’s health/wellbeing challenges, identify the root causes of personal imbalances, and collaboratively create a personalised, colourful and intuitive roadmap to support them in achieving the health and life they want to lead.

In Food & Spirit™, each chakra or system of health takes on a different life significance with associations with specific emotional and psychological states, as well as correlating with a specific bodily gland, anatomy and physical function. To help rebalance the systems, in my practice I lead with food, nutrition and intuitive eating practices as central to mind-body wellbeing, as well as encouraging my clients to take steps to look at other ways to ‘nourish’ themselves and their lives.
Living in Full Flow combines the wisdom of Food & Spirit™ with beautifully paired workouts designed to increase the strength, tone and energy flow to each individual body area or chakra.

· Looking to radiate more energy and confidence in the way you move? Work on your Solar Plexus.
· Aches and pains affecting your lower body or back? Time to give attention to your Root.
· Wish you could move through difficult emotions with more fluidity? Explore your Solar Plexus or belly chakra.
· Challenges with sleep impacting your rest and recovery time? The solution may lie with your Third Eye.

Here’s what a recent client said about the benefits:

“Understanding the interaction of the seven systems of health in more detail has enabled me to completely transform my approach to nourishing my mind, body & soul so that I can live healthier and help those around me to do the same.” Penny Macrae

Imagine if you could access the flow in your life that you need to stay happy, healthy and vibrant? Your chakras may help you unlock the key. Try the program over on Sleek Ballet Fitness and let us know how it changes your life!

Sarah Grant, Gut Reaction
Registered nutritional therapist and wellbeing coach
FB /followgutreaction
INSTA @gutreaction1

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