Getting into the Fitness Business - Friends, dancers, ballet women at work

ballet fitness fitness Nov 24, 2022
Flik and Victoria co-founders of Sleek Ballet Fitness

It is not uncommon for people to have several career changes these days and it often takes young adults until they are well into their twenties to find something they really want to pursue. Having gotten into dance at the age of 2 and spent 20 years dancing on some of the world's most famous stages, it is fair to say for us there had been room for little else growing up. But with pro dancing, much like pro sport, there is a limited time you are able to maintain the rigors of performing at such a high level and the 'what next?' has to be addressed a little sooner than in most professions. 

When lifelong friends and fellow dancers Flik and Victoria decided to step back from full-time performing 10 years ago, they had an idea for a business but few of the skills it took to run one. Read on to find out how these 2 women forged a path in the ballet fitness world and were the first people in the UK to start virtual online training, a decade before Zoom, Covid and a global pandemic that force the rest of the fitness world online. 3 Minute Read

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