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fitness lifestyle motivation press Jun 27, 2022
Flik Swan Victoria Marr - ballerinas

As founders of our own business, Sleek Ballet Fitness, Victoria and I live by the motto of practice what you preach, so we make sure everyone who writes about us gets the Sleek experience of our extensive ballet fitness streaming library or our online live classes (or a combination of both like lots of our Sleekers) first. By making sure everyone who writes about us actually tries our online ballet fitness videos for adults, you get to learn the real low down - that is important to us!

So if you are new to finding online ballet fitness or are curious about the benefits of dance workouts and want to know more about what the buzz is about, then check out the Sleek Technique reviews and articles from some of the most hard to please people - the press!

Over our time in business, we have chatted to an array of top publications about the benefits of ballet fitness, our ballerina workout style, what we eat, how dance workouts improve back pain, mental and cognitive health and get you fit, strong and energised! And if this interests you and you want to know more and perhaps try out some ballet training for yourself, you can enjoy a free 7 day trial with us at Sleek. Even in as little as a week, you will be able to reap the benefits of learning to dance and getting fit, strong and supple, with improved posture and co-ordination, like a ballet dancer, from home.

Our Sleek Technique videos and ballet training workouts have been tried and tested by Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan , Huffington Post and The Telegraph to name a few.

And for those of you interested in how Victoria and I came to create Sleek Technique, you can read about how we transitioned from our dance careers and self-founded our online ballet workouts business. We give advice on how you can do it and make a business work for you in Women's Health magazine.

Read our changing career and running a business tips in Women's Health here:

We hope you'll agree that it is a positive story. After a friendship which started when we were at ballet school together, aged 11, and continued throughout our professional dance careers (spanning over 20 years each) we definitely came to a point where we were thinking about the 'what next'. We knew we had a lot of knowledge and experience to give from our years at the top of the dance industry. Culminating that into an online fitness business 9 years ago, pre pandemic and long before people are as comfortable working interactively as they are now was not easy. But we trusted our instincts, took lots of business advice from knowledgeable friends and mentors and made it a learning journey all the way. It is not always smooth, but we balance and compliment each other and both have a shared dancer's determination and sense of humour! Nearly a decade on we are still going strong. We have an amazing Ballet Bootcamp training team and are a leading ballet fitness company in Online Barre Classes, Ballet fitness and Ballet workouts. If we can do it, you can too.

Happy reading and happy Sleeking!

Flik x


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