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If you can’t attend one of our live Sleek classes or don’t have access to the Internet to stream one of the workouts in our streaming library, then try this Sculpted Ballet Booty workout to lift and tone your glutes and entire lower body.

Warm up for 3-5 minutes with some light jogging, marching, jumping jacks, etc. to get the blood flowing into your muscles. 

Once you are warmed up complete the following 6-exercise circuit 3 times. Be sure to finish with the Stretching and Cool Down to prevent muscle tightness and soreness.

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1. Parallel Pliés (8 reps)

Both your butt and upper legs will get stronger and firmer with this simple yet effective exercise.

Photo of Flik Swan doing a parallel plie showing her in the standing position.
Parallel Pliés – Position 1
Photo of Flik Swan doing a parallel plie. Showing her in the squatting position with her hands raised overhead.
Parallel Pliés – Position 2
  1. Start with legs apart, feet parallel (called sixth position in ballet).
  2. Squat, bringing your quads parallel to the floor. Keep your glutes engaged by trying to sit back into the squat with your weight, keeping your knees from extending past your toes.
  3. If you are able to squat with control (no wobbling!), lift your arms into fifth position to make this a total body move that will target the arms and back as well.
  4. When you rise up, do so with control remembering to keep your kneecaps lifted and your tummy pulled in. Give an extra squeeze to your glutes at the top as you bring your arms down to your sides.

2. Plié Reverence

This move works the plié movement in a different position, with feet turned out in fourth position, and using a smaller range of motion.

  1. Stand with one leg behind you in fourth position with your back heel lifted off the floor. Be careful to not force your turnout and remember to keep your spine long and your tummy in.
Photo of Flik Swan doing a Plie Reverence.
Plié Reverence
  1. Bend both knees, bringing the body over your front thigh and sweeping your arms out and down to first position.
  2. Pulse in this position, making sure to keep the motion small and controlled for the best results.

3. Fondu Diamonds (16 reps each leg)

This exercise, which uses the feet turned out in first position, will hit your glutes from a different angle and will improve the flexibility and strength of your butt and hips. It is also a great exercise for practicing your balance.

Photo of Flik Swan doing the Fondu Diamond exercise with her feet and hands in first position (the starting position).
Fondu Diamond – Starting Position with Feet and Arms in First
Photo of Flik Swan doing the Fondu Diamond exercise with her left leg out.
Fondu Diamond – Left Leg Out
Photo of Flik Swan doing the Fondu Diamond exercise with her right leg out.
Fondu Diamond – Right Leg Out
  1. Start with the feet together in first position. Lift one foot up to touch the inside ankle of your other leg. As you do this, fondu (a classical ballet term from French that means “melt”) with the knee of your supporting leg.
  2. Straighten the supporting leg and bring the foot of the other leg back to the floor
  3. If you practice this move regularly, your turnout will improve and you will be able to work the muscles harder.

4. Parallel Attitude Pulses (32 reps each leg)

Although this is a classic exercise for the glutes, don’t forget about your abs. Keep them held tight to protect your back from injury.

Photo of Flik Swan doing a Parallel Attitude Pulse.
Parallel Attitude Pulses
  1. Start on your hands and knees, making sure to pull in your abs towards your spine to keep your back from sagging. Also, be sure to pull your shoulder blades back and down to keep your shoulder joints stabilized.
  2. Lift one leg into an attitude position with your toe pointed up toward the ceiling.
  3. Work in tiny pulsing movements, really feeling the glutes squeeze and barely allowing the leg to lower back down to the starting position to keep tension in the muscles. You will feel the burn on this one if you are doing it properly!

5. Classical Attitude Pulses (32 reps each leg)

This classic ballet move is easier to perform on the floor than standing (where balance is required), allowing you to focus on squeezing your muscles as you pulse.

Classical Attitude Pulses
  1. Lie on your side with one leg extended out beneath you and the other on top.
  2. Bend your top leg into attitude and pulse it backward, keeping the movements small and squeezing hard without gripping.
  3. Keep your arm raised into fifth position or, if that is too hard, bring it down and allow the hand on that arm to rest on the floor in front of you to help with balance
  4. Be careful not to injure your back by letting the leg move too far backwards when pulsing.

6. Ballet Booty Bridge (16 reps on flat heels and 16 reps with heels raised)

This is a favorite booty move at Sleek because it is so effective for targeting the glutes. This variation will have you working different muscles depending on whether your heels are flat or raised.

Photo of Flik Swan performing the Ballet Booty Bridge movement with heels flat on the floor.
Ballet Booty Bridge – Heels Flat on Floor
Photo of Flik Swan performing the Ballet Booty Bridge movement with heels raised to target different muscles..
Ballet Booty Bridge – Heels Raised to Target Different Muscles
A vertical Pinterest pin infographic showing all of the movements for the Sculpted Ballet Booty Workout.
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