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Sleek Ballet Fitness Workouts

So many of you discovered Sleek ballet fitness through our Sleek Technique Ballerina Body DVD. It was nominated for fitness DVD of the year when it came out and has remained a top seller ever since. These fantastic body sculpting workouts are available to buy or stream on our site and Sleek Ballet Fitness App and however you choose to watch them they always deliver a fun, super effective balllerina body sculpting workout.

Consisting of a Warm Up, Cool Down, 3x Barre Workouts, 3x Ballet Bootcamps and 3x Body Sculpt Workouts, here are our top Sleek Ballerina Body workout combinations programmed for a full body Sleek week.


Combination 1 - Aim lower body tone and strengthening

Barre Technique 1 + Perfect Pro Legs + Sleek Cool down.

Total time 40 mins


Combination 2 - Aim: Slim, strengthen and define your core. 

Warm up + Standing Abs + Mat Abs

Total time 30mins


Combination 3 - Total body

Barre 2 + Bootcamp 1 + Cool down

Total time 50mins


Combination 4

Aim: Toned and elegant limbs: 

Warm up + Barre 3 + Ballerina Back and Arms.

Total time 40mins


Combination 5

Aim: Improve your fitness and stamina. Burn calories fast and start to reveal the long lengthened muscle definition you are creating. 

Warm up + Ballet Bootcamp 2 + Cool down

Total time 40mins


Combination 6

Aim: Total body tuning.

Warm up, Barre 2. Finish with Sassy Showgirl

Total time 40mins


Combination 7

Aim: Core focus

Warm up + Sassy Showgirl + Mat Abs

Total time 40mins


Combination 8

Aim: Push it to the Max

Warm up + Barre 3 + Bootcamp 3 + Cool down

Total time 60mins

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